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Monday 20 June
09:30-10:00 H.P. Nilles The MiniLandscape and the 750 GeV Di-Photon Challenge pdf video
10:00-10:30 M. Bianchi Revisiting light stringy states in view of the 750 GeV diphoton excess pdf video
10:30-11:00 S. King 750 GeV Diphoton Excess from E6 in F-theory GUTs pdf video
11:00-11:30   Cofee break    
11:30-12:00 A. Faraggi Light Z's in heterotic-string vacua and the LHC di-photon excess pdf video
12:00-12:30 G. Shiu Instantons in Axion Monodromy pdf video
12:30-13:00 G. Lazarides Diphoton resonances in an extension of MSSM pdf video
13:00-15:00   Lunch break    
15:00-15:30 N. Tetradis Black holes and Higgs stability pdf video
15:30-16:00 I. Florakis Quantum corrections to couplings in non-supersymmetric strings pdf video
  Parallel Session A1 COSMOLOGY Parallel Session A2 FORMAL ASPECTS
16:30-16:55 S. Parameswaran,
Primordial gravitational waves in string inflation pdf
A. Constantin,
Non-perturbative type IIB vacua beyond F-theory pdf
16:55-17:15 D. Junghans,
Tachyons in classical dS vacua pdf
S. Angus,
Heterotic Spin(7) manifolds and 1/4-BPS solutions: Theory and Applications pdf
17:15-17:35 F. Baume,
Backreacted Axion Field Ranges in Type IIA String Theory pdf
S. Schwieger,
T-Branes and a'-Corrections pdf
17:35-17:55 S. Bielleman,
Higher derivative corrections from the DBI action pdf
17:55-18:15 F. Wolf,
Recent Developments of Moduli Stabilisation and Inflation pdf


Tuesday 21 June
09:30-10:00 G. Dvali Rethinking the origin of neutrino mass: the role of gravity pdf video
10:00-10:30 B. Ovrut The Minimal SUSY B-L Model: Simultaneous Wilson Lines and String Thresholds pdf video
10:30-11:00 R. Blumenhagen A conic large volume scenario pdf video
11:00-11:30   Cofee break    
11:30-12:00 I. Antoniadis Aspects of string phenomenology and new physics pdf video
12:00-12:30 L. Mcallister Rigid Divisors in Calabi-Yau Hypersurfaces pdf video
12:30-13:00 T. Weigand Engineering 2d (0,2) theories in F-theory pdf video
13:00-15:00   Lunch break    
15:00-15:30 B. Acharya Hidden Sector Dark Matter in String/M theory pdf video
15:30-16:00 H. Partouche Super no-scale models and moduli stability pdf video
16:00-16:30 A. Kehagias Supersymmetry scanning pdf video
  Parallel Session A2 COSMOLOGY Parallel Session B2 FORMAL ASPECTS Parallel Session C2 PHENOMENOLOGY
17:00-17:25 L. Anguelova,
Toward Holographic Glueball Inflation pdf
F. Ruehle,
String junctions and torus knots pdf
I. De Medeiros Varzielas,
Bottom-Up Discrete Symmetries for Cabibbo Mixing pdf
17:25-17:45 M. Montero,
The Weak Gravity Conjecture in different spacetimes pdf
P.-K. Oehlmann Mordell-Weil,
Torsion in the Mirror of Multi-Sections pdf
C. Kokorelis,
Stringy explanations for the 750 GeV diphoton excess and the b-> s l+ l- anomalies pdf
17:45-18:05 D. Escobar,
Atienzar Large field inflation in type IIA string theory pdf
M. Berasaluce González,
On the physical realization of Seiberg duality in branes at singularities pdf
S. Uemura,
Lepton flavor structures from D2-brane instantons pdf
18:05-18:25 A. Landete,
D-branes and large field inflation pdf
P. Ntokos,
D3-brane model building and the supertrace rule pdf
G. Harries,
Classification of Left-Right Symmetric Heterotic String Vacua pdf
18:25-18:45 G. Kraniotis,
The Klein-Gordon-Fock equation in the curved spacetime of the Kerr-Newman (anti) de Sitter black holes pdf
A. Retolaza,
De Sitter Uplift with Dynamical Susy Breaking pdf
A. Seifert,
Towards geometric D6-brane model building on the non-factorisable type IIA T6/(Z4xΩ R) orientifolds pdf
18:45-19:05 D. Ciupke,
Higher-Derivative Supergravity and Applications to String Cosmology pdf
M. Dierigl,
de Sitter vacua from an anomalous gauge symmetry pdf
J. Ashfaque,
The LHC Di-photon Excess and F-theory LRS Models pdf
19:05-19:25   J. Stout,
Relaxion Monodromy in String Theory pdf


Wednesday 22 June
09:00-09:30 R.   Kallosh Supersymmetry and Cosmology pdf video
09:30-10:00 E. Kiritsis Holography and the cosmological constant pdf video
10:00-10:30 M. Cicoli a' Inflation: moduli stabilisation and large tensors from higher derivatives pdf video
10:30-11:00 R. Savelli F-theory at order α'3 pdf video
11:00-11:30   Cofee break    
11:30-12:00 D. Luest Update on Strings at the LHC collider pdf video
12:00-12:30 E. Dudas Nilpotent supergravities and applications pdf video
12:30-13:00 T. Wrase The nilpotent chiral superfield pdf video
13:00-15:00   Lunch break    
15:00-15:30 D. Nanopoulos A No-Scale (script) F -SU(5) Framework for (Sub)Planckian Physics:From PLANCK CMB photon bumps to LHC diphoton 750 GeV bump(s) pdf video
15:30-16:00 E. Palti Hypercharge Flux GUT Breaking and 750 GeV Diphotons pdf video
16:00-16:30 G. Hammond Gravitational Waves and Detector Technology pdf video


Thursday 23 June
09:30-10:00 F. Quevedo de Sitter uplift, inflation and soft terms in IIB string compactifications pdf video
10:00-10:30 F. Marchesano D-branes and multi-branched potentials pdf video
10:30-11:00 C. Kounnas Non-perturbative SUSY and R-symmetry breaking: Inflationary behavior of the no-scale effective SUGRAS pdf video
11:00-11:30   Cofee break    
11:30-12:00 M. Cvetic Global Particle Physics Models in F-theory  pdf video
12:00-12:30 L. Anderson F-theory, Flux and Singular Geometry pdf video
12:30-13:00 P. Vaudrevange Grand unification without proton decay pdf video
13:00-15:00   Lunch break    
15:00-15:30 K. Benakli The Di-Photon Excess in a Perturbative SUSY Model pdf video
15:30-16:00 W. Staessens Adventures with Stringy Axions pdf video
16:00-16:30 G.   Honecker Type II model building at the crossroads between (astro)particle physics and moduli stabilisation   pdf video
  Parallel Session A3 COSMOLOGY Parallel Session B3 FORMAL ASPECTS/F-THEORY Parallel Session C3 PHENOMENOLOGY
17:00-17:25 P. Frampton,
Novel Approach to the Dark Matter Problem pdf
P. Shukla,
Towards global embedding of Fibre inflation pdf
C. Coriano',
Composite Dilatons and LHC bounds on a Conformal Scale pdf
17:25-17:45 A. Ashoorioon,
Anisotropic Power Spectrum from the Rotational Symmetry Breaking Excited Initial States pdf
D. Herschmann,
New schemes of moduli stabilisation pdf
P. Anastasopoulos,
Light stringy states at LHC pdf
17:45-18:05 T. Bachlechner,
Spreading Stability: Cosmology and Moduli Dynamics pdf
G. Zoccarato,
Adjoint D-brane moduli in type IIB String Theory pdf
A. Addazi,
Dynamical R-parity violations from Exotic Stringy Instantons pdf
18:05-18:25 C. Wieck, D6/7-brane inflation with stabilizer fields pdf R. Sun, De Sitter Uplift and Axion Inflation with Non-geometric Fluxes pdf P. Athanasopoulos, The correspondence between orbifolds and free fermionic models and applications for phenomenology pdf
18:25-18:45 V. Mehta,
Monodromy Dark Matter pdf
A. Meadowcroft,
F-Theory Model Building pdf
C. Marzo,
Search for Z-prime. Vacuum (in)stability and hints of high energy structure pdf
18:45-19:05 P. Mangat,
Gravitational Instantons, Moduli Stabilisation and Axion Inflation pdf
I. Valenzuela,
Relaxion Monodromy and the Weak Gravity Conjecture pdf
M. Romão,
SO(10) from M Theory: Symmetry Breaking and Neutrino Masses pdf


Friday 24 June
09:30-10:00 L. Ibanez Three-forms and Axions: String and Particle Physics Applications pdf video
10:00-10:30 A. Lukas Yukawa couplings and unification in heterotic models pdf video
10:30-11:00 J. Gray Aspects of heterotic moduli spaces pdf video
11:00-11:30   Cofee break    
11:30-12:00 A. Hebecker The Weak Gravity Conjecture, Instantons and Large-Field Inflation pdf video
12:00-12:30 M. Reece Exploring the Weak Gravity Conjecture pdf video
12:30-13:00 S. Abel Progress in non-supersymmetry string phenomenology pdf video
13:00-15:00   Lunch break    
  Parallel Session A4 COSMOLOGY Parallel Session B4 F-THEORY
15:00-15:25 C. Palis,
Starobinsky-Type Inflation With SU(1,1)/U(1) x SU(2)/U(1) Kaehler Manifold pdf
D. Regalado,
F-theory at terminal singularities pdf
15:25-15:45 F. Pedro,
A Graceful Exit in the String Landscape with Brownian Motion pdf
G. Xin,
String Duality in Multiply Fibered CY3 pdf
15:45-16:05 L. Witkowski,
Constraining Axion Inflation with Gravitational Instantons pdf
D. Mayorga Pena,
The vector like sector of F-theory on toric hypersurface fibrations pdf
16:05-16:25 F. Rompineve,
Gravitational waves from Axion Monodromy pdf
F. Carta,
Fitting fermion masses and mixings in F-theory GUTs pdf
16:25-16:45 F. Muia,
Affleck-Dine Baryogenesis in Type IIB String Models pdf
16:45-17:00 I. Antoniadis Conference overview pdf video
17:00 Closing